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Do you or a loved one play sports? Do you experience nighttime clenching or grinding? Want to protect your smile? Looking for mouthguards in North Potomac, MD? Protecting our teeth from bacteria and decay is very important. Having good oral hygiene will help keep all diseases at bay. However, it is also very important to protect our teeth from outside factors such as accidents while playing sports and others we can’t control, like bruxism.

All these can damage your teeth, poor oral hygiene will allow bacteria to grow, not using a custom mouthguard during contact sports can damage your teeth, and most accidents can’t guarantee you can keep your teeth. Bruxism, however, causes the most damage, as the continued grinding of your teeth will wear them down to the point where it starts affecting your facial nerves and bone structure.

Custom mouthguards are great at protecting your teeth; they act as a shield that protects them from any hard impact and also from rubbing together when grinding your teeth. This protective device can be acquired in different ways. The ones you can buy at stores, however, are one size fits all, and they might be more uncomfortable to wear. Here at Potomac Crown Dentistry, we can make sure your teeth are protected at all times, including when you are sleeping!

Custom-made mouthguards are great as they fit comfortably, and they are made to fit nicely in your mouth without any discomfort or bulkiness. Your dentist will take a mold or impression of your teeth and send it to the lab to get a custom-made mouthguard created. Custom mouthguards are designed for each purpose; however, the procedure is the same. Adults and children can benefit from mouth guards, and we can help create them for you and your family!

If you think you can benefit from mouth guards in North Potomac, MD, for sports or to reduce the damage to your teeth from bruxism, call (301) 359-1600, or visit us at 11908 Darnestown Road, Suite A, North Potomac, MD 20878.

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