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Looking for dentures in Rockville, MD, or Potomac? Here at Potomac Crown Dentistry, we want to help all our patients have the smile they deserve and feel great about it! We know how having missing teeth can have an impact on your confidence, but beyond that, if not treated – it can affect the functionality and appearance of your smile.

Our Dentures Treatment

There are many teeth replacement solutions, and dentures are one of them. If you are looking to replace a few or most of your teeth, you can get partial or complete dentures; they are also a great option if you don’t want to have or don’t qualify for invasive treatment such as implants to replace your missing teeth.

These dental prosthetic devices will replace teeth that have been damaged and can’t be saved and also teeth that have fallen off due to several reasons. They are worn on a daily basis and taken out only for eating and sleeping. They are glued to your gums with a special glue that will hold them in place, but it is normal that they lightly shift.

Upon examination by your dentist, a mold of your teeth will be created to make customized dentures that will fit comfortably in your mouth and will be made to fit your bone and facial structure, giving you an improved smile. When missing some or most of your teeth, dentures are a great solution to give back functionality to your mouth and improve the appearance and structure of your face.

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