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Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Aug 16, 2019

It is important to take care of your teeth and gums, as continuous deterioration will lead to dental problems. Once encountered, these problems take immense pain to be cured. As people are increasingly becoming conscious of their dental health, researchers have found various Foods to Avoid. Some foods that affect your health detrimentally are:

  • Candies and chocolates

Any food with high sugar is your teeth’s worst enemy. This is because sugar sticks to our teeth and weakens the layer of protection over it. It also increases the chances of decay and cavity. Brushing and drinking water after consuming these is very important to protect against plaque.

  • Alcohol

They may be surprising, but alcohol causes the weakening of your teeth, even so indirectly. Alcohol directly damages the tooth enamel and leads ton “dry-mouth”. This is a condition where enough secretion of saliva is lacking. Thus, the protection afforded by saliva is taken away.

  • Carbonated drinks and sugary beverages

Potomac Crown Dentistry suggests that being rich in sugar, these drinks also contribute detrimentally to the overall dental health of a person. In fact, it is a general piece of advice by expert dentists to avoid carbonated drinks totally. This is because of the chemical reaction that takes place between the calcium rich teeth and the acidic carbonated drinks that result.

  • Ice

Now here is something to shock the people! Did you never think water can harm? A lot of people are habitual in chewing ice. This weakens the tooth enamel and weakens the teeth. Consequently, there is more risk of injury to the teeth.

  • Bread and other starchy food

Foods rich in starch act similar to sugary food products. They are transformed into sugar by saliva. Also, while chewing the food becomes a paste and one is not able to swallow it completely. The result is that it sticks between your teeth and causes decay and cavities.

While avoiding these foods will be a very good preventive measure, other things are also required. For maintaining a good dental heath, good oral hygiene is necessary. Also, cleaning and check-ups by the highly qualified and expert Potomac Crown Dentistry provides comprehensively.