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Restore Your Smile by Getting Treatment for Tooth Fractures

Restore Your Smile by Getting Treatment for Tooth Fractures

Oct 01, 2021

Dental fractures can occur when least expected, impacting your smile making it look less than perfect. Suppose you leave dental fractures untreated by visiting the dental office near you; it increases the risk of oral health problems and other issues, making it inevitable for you to have the fractured tooth restored. Do not assume fractured teeth don’t cause any issues because they undoubtedly do. Chips and fractures in your teeth allow bacteria to infect the tooth requiring intensive treatments or even tooth extraction. Instead of allowing infections to penetrate your tooth, you must visit the nearby dentist to determine which treatment is best suited for your situation.

What Is the Primary Cause for Your Tooth Fracture?

Tooth fractures can happen due to various reasons. While some are preventable, others occur due to injuries when playing sports or biting on complex objects. Some common reasons for dental fractures include car accidents, chronic teeth grinding, sports-related facial injuries, damage by metal fillings expanding and contracting, nail biting or chewing on complex objects like pens, pencils, and using your teeth for purposes other than eating and chewing.

Tooth fractures are not minor and need prompt treatment in many cases if you wish to avoid intensive treatments from dentists to eradicate severe infections that may affect your tooth. Besides causing difficulties chewing and biting, the fractured tooth also affects your smile, with discoloration affecting you to leave the tooth appearing darker than the rest. Therefore you must seek treatment for tooth fractures from the dentist nearby without wasting time.

What Treatments Do Dentists Provide for Tooth Fractures?

Dentists have various options as treatments for tooth fractures. Treating fractures as soon as possible is best to protect your oral and overall health and prevent additional damage. In addition, dentists have several aesthetically charming options for treating dental fractures to restore the appearance and health of your damaged tooth. Let us look at some famous treatments for restoring tooth fractures:

  • Dental Bonding: Tooth bonding is an excellent option to restore tooth fractures in the aesthetic zone of your mouth. The treatment merely requires one visit to the dentist’s office and is completed within 30 to 60 minutes. It is also the most affordable tooth restoration option for fractured teeth if you want to restore your smile without getting into intensive and expensive procedures.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Thin shells of custom-made dental grade porcelain are excellent to cover your front tooth if it is affected by a fracture. You require at least three visits to your dentist’s office to understand whether this procedure suits your needs. You must also endure the enamel removal process past the dentin, an irreversible condition before you can have porcelain veneers over the fractured tooth.
  • Dental Crowns: Tooth crowns are excellent to restore a tooth damaged by a fracture. The tooth needing the crown needs intensive preparation by filing on the top and sides to accommodate a custom-made porcelain dental crown. However, after getting your tooth encased by a dental crown, you can continue using it for as long as possible without needing replacements or further restorations.

Why Is It Beneficial to Seek Treatment for Tooth Fractures?

Seeking treatments for tooth fractures as soon as possible is essential to protect your oral health besides your smile. Your tooth enamel, the protective layer over your tooth, is exposed to the risk of tooth decay, root canal infections, and tooth loss when you leave fractures untreated. Tooth enamel damage encourages bacteria and the toxins they release to reach the delicate dental pulp at the center of the tooth, causing tooth decay and erosion. If the fracture is sufficiently severe or tooth decay is left untreated, you may require tooth extraction to prevent complications with your overall health. In addition, the bacteria within your tooth can spread your bloodstream besides damaging the neighboring teeth. Therefore the earlier you get tooth fracture treatment, the better it is for you to restore your smile and the natural tooth.

Which Treatment Is Best Suited for Your Situation?

A visit to the dentist nearby to get the fracture evaluated is perhaps the best way to determine which treatment suits your needs the best. If you are fortunate and have a minor fracture, the dentist may restore your tooth with dental bonding. Unfortunately, dentists offer you various options with realistic-looking restorations to ensure your smile is not impacted if you need intensive treatments.