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Let’s Bust Some Common Myths Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

Let’s Bust Some Common Myths Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

Sep 01, 2019

Root canal has emerged as a common dental procedure for treating decayed and infected teeth. It helps in saving your tooth from getting extracted. The root canal procedure is meant for removing the infected pulp from the tooth and restoring its appearance, function, and strength. Though the procedure is a savior, many myths are surrounding it, which prevents many people from getting the root canal done. However, there is no reason you need to suffer in pain escaping the root canal procedure. It is time to address the myths and explore the truth. Let’s have a look at some of the common myths:

Root Canal Treatment is Painful.

This is by far the most common myth associated with the root canal procedure. Most people try to avoid the procedure believing that it is painful. However, the fact is that the root canal procedure helps in getting rid of the pain that decay and infection are causing. The procedure is performed by numbing the site so there is no pain experienced during the treatment. Also, the dentists suggest OTC pain killers so that any pain or discomfort felt, later on, can also be managed.

Tooth Extraction Is Better Than Root Canal

If you believe that tooth extraction is better than getting a root canal done, you are mistaken. Dentistry believes in saving your natural tooth till the time it is possible. Even though you have great tooth replacement options such as dental implants, but still nothing can replace the natural tooth. Thus, getting a root canal treatment done and saving your natural tooth is always better than getting it extracted, explains the dentist near you in Potomac.

Root canal procedure requires several visits to the dental clinic.

This is yet another myth that surrounds the root canal treatment. However, you need only 2 to 3 visits for the treatment. The first session will be all about the consultation and the treatment may begin from the second appointment where the dentist will remove the decayed pulp from the tooth. The last appointment can be for placing the crown on the repaired tooth.

No Pain Means No Need for Root Canal

Many teeth that require a root canal procedure may not cause any pain but that doesn’t mean your tooth is fine. The dentist near you is the best person to figure out if your pulp is damaged or infected. If you notice any signs of decay you must see the dentist even if it is not causing any pain. If the infection is left untreated, the nearby tissues will become infected.

A Root Canal “Kills” the Tooth

The root canal procedure only removes the infected part from the tooth and it doesn’t kill your tooth. The aim of performing the root canal procedure is to save your tooth. Your tooth roots are not removed. The canals are cleaned and shaped inside and only the nerve tissue and pulp are removed.

Root Canal Can Male You Fall Sick

You may have heard from somewhere or read on the internet that root canal can make you fall sick or you may get a disease in the future. However, it is not true and a result of poor research conducted almost a century ago. The fact is that no valid and scientific research can link the root canal treatment to any disease in any part of the body.

The root canal procedure is not very successful

This is a myth as the root canal procedures are successful in almost 99% of the cases. The expertise of the family dentist near you plays a major role in the success of any procedure and the same applies to a root canal as well. The dentist needs to clean the tooth root and seal them off. There are only rare chances of the procedure not being successful.

A root canal procedure is more important than what you assume it to be. It can help in saving your ailing tooth and giving it a new life. The root canal finally gives you a chance to get rid of the excruciating pain that the decayed tooth was causing you for long.