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How to Handle Emergency Dental Care for Your Child

How to Handle Emergency Dental Care for Your Child

Jul 01, 2018

While emergencies are nothing that any of us can plan, it is always important to know what your options are when disaster does strike. When your children get hurt I can also be added stress, as you rush to find the quickest solution to age your children’s pain or distresses. In the following article we will discuss a few ways to handle a few different dental emergencies that can arise at any moment, anywhere.

Knocked Out A Tooth

If your child accidentally experiences a lost baby tooth, it is important to contact your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. Well children do lose their baby teeth, and accident can affect the surrounding baby teeth that are left over after a tooth is lost. This can affect an unerupted adult tooth. It is important that you do not try to put the tooth back in the socket, while you wait for your dentist to assess the best possible course of action.

Broken Or Cracked Tooth

In the case that your child has a broken or cracked tooth, it’s also important to see your pediatric dentist as soon as possible to prevent any further injury. If you’re unable to find the broken tooth piece, as the child may or may not have swallowed it, bring it with you to the dental emergency appointment. To keep it safe wrap it and wet gauze or paper towel if possible. Be sure to also rinse their mouth with warm water to keep the area sanitized and place a cold compress on your child’s face. In the case of a chipped tooth, where no pain is experienced, scheduling an appointment as soon as possible is the best course of action.

Bitten Tongue Or Lip

Injuries to the tongue and lip can happen for many different reasons, one commonly being the misalignment of teeth. If your child experiences a cut to either of these areas, clean the area gently with a cloth. Placing a cold compress on swollen areas can also keep swelling down. If there is an excessive amount of bleeding, or if it does not stop, take your child to a dentist or emergency center.

Objects Caught Between Teeth

If a piece of food or debris gets caught in between your child’s teeth, first try to remove the object by brushing the teeth or using dental floss. If this does not work, schedule an appointment to see your dentist so that they can safely and effectively remove the debris.

Toothache Or Swollen Face

Clean your child’s mouth with warm saline water, and then give your child what would normally be given to them for pain. Then take your child to the dentist as soon as possible, Especially if swelling is taking place, as this can be a sign of serious infection

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