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How Robotic Systems Will Change Implants

How Robotic Systems Will Change Implants

Apr 08, 2018

It seems as if almost everything is becoming automated, or assisted by robot technology. From self-driving cars to robot assistance in hospitals, new advancements are being made every day in a variety of fields. Dentistry is no exception. Dental implants have been a popular tooth replacement option for decades and have benefited from new technologies and techniques. These developments have made the process of placing implants more convenient, accurate, and predictable. One of these developments is the use of robotic systems to assist in the procedure for placing implants.

The demand for dental implants is steadily increasing, so robotic guidance systems are particularly useful in helping to streamline the process of planning and placing them. One such FDA-approved system is Yomi®, which benefits patients by providing a shorter treatment time and more accurate results.

How does it work?

Yomi® is a robot-assisted dental surgical system – the world’s first. It is a computerized navigation system that is designed to assist the dentist throughout the implant process, from planning to surgical implant placement.

During the planning stage, the dentist takes a CT scan of the patient’s mouth. For this, he or she will use the Yomi® splint. With assistance from the robotic system, they will analyze the scan and use it to plan out the surgical procedure. Yomi® then provides physical guidance during the actual surgical placement of the implant. The system holds the drill in the preset position, orientation, and depth, utilizing haptic feedback to provide resistance and guide the surgeon’s hand position, ensuring that it follows the surgical plan closely. The dentist is in complete control throughout the procedure and is able to alter the surgical plan as needed.

How Robotic Systems Will Change the Dental Implant Process

Unlike in traditional procedures, where the surgical guide and other equipment can get in the way of the procedure, the robot provides a real-time unobstructed view of the surgical site, which allows for a more accurate procedure. This is set to revolutionize implant dentistry by improving accuracy and ensuring an optimal surgical outcome. The system eliminates the need for plastic drill guides, which can block the dentist’s view of the surgical site. This can slow down the placement process. In general, the Yomi® robotic system will result in less time in the treatment chair, better outcomes, and faster recovery time. It could also have an effect on the price of the dental implants, possibly making them more affordable.