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Facts You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Facts You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Jul 31, 2018

Have you been experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth? Plan on having wisdom tooth removal in Potomac, MD? At Potomac Crown Dentistry we receive a lot of questions about wisdom teeth and the extraction of them. Today, we’re covering facts that everyone should know about wisdom teeth extraction in Potomac. We hope you learn something new!

Wisdom tooth removal is extremely common. Did you know that over 10,000,000 molars are removed in the United States each year? Wisdom teeth tend to cause a lot of people issues and are frequently removed to avoid further complications.

Wisdom teeth can result in life-threatening complications. Due to the fact that wisdom teeth often become impacted or don’t erupt properly, infection can be quite common. Left untreated however, wisdom teeth infections can actually advance into sepsis (a potentially fatal infection of the blood).

Wisdom teeth problems don’t always cause symptoms. Although many patients experience discomfort and pain along with wisdom teeth complications, certain patients may experience no symptoms at all. Routine visits with your dentist will allow them to monitor the health of your wisdom teeth and remove them before a problem or any symptoms come up.

It is important to follow post-op extraction instructions. The instructions you receive after your wisdom tooth extraction are important for a quick recovery. Smoking, using straws or even strenuous activity can prolong your healing and recovery.

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