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Essential Tips To Maintain Good Oral Health in Kids

Essential Tips To Maintain Good Oral Health in Kids

Oct 01, 2019

If you thought that maintaining dental health is important only for adults, you have mistaken. It is equally important to maintain your child’s dental health as well. As soon as your baby gets their first teeth, you need to start looking after them. When oral health is taken care of right from a young age, it can help the kids in enjoying healthy teeth and gums in the later stage. Let’s explore some good oral hygiene habits for kids as suggested by the North Potomac Dentist.

  • Brushing and Flossing

You need to teach your kids the right way of brushing and flossing. It is important to set an example for your kids at home. You should brush along with your kids so that they follow your footsteps. Your child needs to brush his/ her teeth twice a day. Maintaining a good oral health is detrimental for kids and adults alike.

Make them brush their teeth before bedtime by rewarding them for brushing properly. You can read their favorite storybook for them. Teach them to hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and brush gently for two minutes. If the child is too small, you should brush their teeth and when they grow up, supervise them when they brush on their own.

Apart from brushing, it is also important to floss the teeth of your child. The dentist can show you the right techniques for flossing your child’s teeth.

  • Dental Professional Examination

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that dental appointments are important and should not be escaped. The child may feel anxious about seeing the dentist but it is up to you to make them comfortable with the idea of meeting the dentist. The pediatric dental clinics are empathetic towards the needs of children and try to make them as comfortable as possible.

The dental appointments are important as the dentist will perform thorough cleaning for removing plaque which is the main cause of decay and infection. Also, he will examine your child’s dental health for any underlying disease or decay. Early diagnosis can help in treating the issues are preventing it from progressing.

  • Avoid Baby Bottle Decay

You should never put your child for a nap with a bottle of juice or milk in their mouths. Sugary liquids attract bacteria which cause decay and infection in the long run. If you give any bottle to your child before bedtime, it should contain only water.

  • Juice is Not a Good Idea

Many parents believe that fruit juice is good for the health of kids but the juice can become the reason for decay. If at all you plan to give them juice, limit the intake to not more than 4 ounces of pure fruit juice a day. Give your child non-sugary drinks and foods at the meal times and use the juice only as a treat instead of making it a habit.

  • Sippy Cup May Not Be a Good Idea

Children love to drink water, milk, and juices in sippy cups and parents find it a good option as it helps the kids in shifting from bottle to glass. But letting them drink water from the sippy cup all day long is not recommended. If the drinks are sugary, using sippy cups can cause decay in the back teeth.

  • No Pacifier After The Age of 2 or 3

A pacifier may help in handling your cranky child but in the long run, it can affect his teeth line up. It can also change the shape of the mouth. If the child refuses to let go of the pacifier, talk to the pediatric dentist near you.

  • Sweet Medications

Many of the children’s medicines can be sweet in flavor. If these medicines stick to the teeth, the chances of cavity increase. It has been observed that children who are on medications for asthma or heart problems have a high decay rate.

  • Allow Your Child Some Liberty

If you want your child to learn to brush on their own, allow them to choose a toothbrush. This will make them look forward to brushing teeth. You can give them certain options of your choice and let them choose.

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