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Dental Veneers As “Instant Orthodontics”

Dental Veneers As “Instant Orthodontics”

Apr 26, 2018

It’s possible you’ve never heard of the term “instant orthodontics.” Most associate orthodontists with braces and this is true, but you can’t have results from braces instantly, so what do we mean? If you’re one of the many Americans that dream of having a perfectly aligned set of pearly whites, but maybe don’t have the time, desire, or lifestyle that would allow for conventional metal braces, allowing us to introduce you to “instant orthodontics.” Assuming you are the right candidate for this revolutionary cosmetic treatment, instant orthodontics can make your teeth look straight fast. The can fix a variety of dental problems that include chips, minor cracks, small gaps between teeth, or stains or discoloration. Get closer to loving your smile with instant orthodontics!

Minor alignment issues that are mostly cosmetic can definitely be fixed with the help of dental veneers. There are two types of veneers that are primarily used to treat these kinds of issues: all-porcelain or Lumineers. In most cases, all-porcelain veneers are generally more affordable, while Lumineers require less preparation of your natural tooth, which is usually the reason some opt not to have veneers implanted.

The Process

The process of instant orthodontics is spanned over two visits to the dentists. The first appointment is reserved to prepare your teeth and set up a treatment plan, while the second is reserved for executing the procedure. To begin, a mold of your teeth is made, a very thin layer of your natural tooth may or may not be shaved off. Once the impression of your teeth is complete, the veneers are made and can then be finally implanted into the mouth. In as quick as two visits to the dentist, you can have the straight teeth you always wanted!

Always consult your dentist to ensure you’re the right candidate for this procedure. Give them a call today to see if you can try out “instant orthodontics” for yourself!