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Complete Dental Checkups: Why Are They Needed?

Complete Dental Checkups: Why Are They Needed?

Oct 01, 2020

Dentists are often coaxing you to brush your teeth twice daily, limit your intake of sugary foods and beverages, floss at least once per day, and visit their practice twice a year for complete dental checkups. They provide information that following their recommendations helps to keep your oral health in excellent condition.

Adhering to the dentist near Rockville, MD advice, you follow every word to ensure your oral health is not affected by any infections. At the end of every six months, you worry why you need complete dental checkups when you have followed every recommendation of your dentist. However, if you read this article, you will have comprehensive information on why dentists ask you to visit them every six months to have your mouth evaluated. Let us provide you the reasons why dentists recommend thorough dental checkups every six months.

What Happens During a Routine Checkup Appointment?

Routine dental checkups generally include the following oral healthcare activities:

  • Professional evaluation of your mouth. Your dentist and dental hygienist are the professionals who will, in every likelihood, see you. The hygienist performs oral exams of your gums and teeth. Dental hygienists are not allowed to diagnose any issues in your mouth but can undoubtedly document them for a dentist to evaluate. The hygienist cleans and polishes your teeth before discussing any changes to your overall health, using medicines, and answering any questions you have about home care products. The dentist also conducts oral exams of your teeth and gums, inquiries changes about your overall health, and reviews the cleaning performed by the hygienist. During the dental checkups, oral cancer screening is also performed along with diagnostic tests for other conditions. Treatment recommendations are provided if required.
  • Cleaning. Home-based brushing and flossing help remove plaque buildup on your teeth, but a professional dental cleaning provided by your dentist or dental hygienist is different. These professionals remove any hardened plaque on your teeth and below your gum line using metal instruments or ultrasonic scalars.
  • Polishing. Your teeth are polished after cleaning remove plaque and stains on the surface of the tooth. Gritty toothpaste is used for polishing performed by an electric toothbrush to remove the excess plaque and any toothpaste from the cleaning earlier from your teeth.
  • Prevention. After completing the dental exam, the hygienist offers you additional instructions to follow at home. You can inquire with the hygienist about any questions in your mind concerning your teeth and gums or oral health before you leave the dentist’s office.

Why Do You Need Comprehensive Dental Checkups?

Complete dental checkups are incredibly essential to not only check for issues with your teeth and gums but also examine your entire mouth, head, and neck. Thorough dental checkups are imperative if you are a first-time patient to the dentist near Rockville, MD, but are also performed by your regular dentists who you may have been visiting for years. The comprehensive exams include:

  • Head and neck evaluations when the dental professional looks for swelling and tenderness in your lymph nodes and salivary glands. Your temporomandibular joint is also examined to ensure its functioning appropriately.
  • Examining the soft tissues in your mouth, including the tongue, the insides of your lips and cheeks are, the back of your throat, and the area near the tonsils are also examined by the dentist during the comprehensive checkup.
  • The dentist near Rockville examines your gums and supporting structures of the teeth looking for signs of gum disease. If any symptoms are noticed, the dentist refers you to a periodontist for the treatment.
  • Clinical examination of your teeth is performed, looking for signs of tooth decay on the surface of every tooth. Dentists probe your teeth with instruments looking for cavities. Cavities are detected by dentists probing the enamel of your teeth while also paying attention to any problems with fillings, bridges, dentures, crowns, or other restorations. Dentists may also recommend x-rays to look for signs of tooth decay between your teeth and any other oral problems that may be affecting you.

Complete dental checkups give you an accurate view of your oral and overall health. The ADA recommends you must have regular dental checkups every six months or frequencies determined by your dentist. Now that all information you need is available in this article, wouldn’t you be encouraged to book an appointment with the dentist, to have your oral health evaluated right away? We are confident you would.