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Bring Your Teeth Back to Life with Composite Fillings

Bring Your Teeth Back to Life with Composite Fillings

Jul 16, 2019

As a revolutionary remedy for decayed tooth, Composite fillings have gained a lot of prevalence in recent times. All due credits are owed to the plethora of benefits it offers. Composite fillings are a tooth-coloured mixture of glass and plastic. Through multiple layers, composite is allowed to harden and is shaped as per the tooth. This is used for reshaping the teeth or by filling in the cavities.

These are some of the benefits of Composite filling:

  • Strength: Composite fillings are very strong especially after multiple layers are allowed to harden. Due to this, they have a very low chance of breakage. The procedure is thus, just a one-time investment as there is seldom a need to change the composite fillings during their guaranteed lifespan.
  • Tooth-Coloured: These fillings are a much better option than the traditional silver fillings. One major factor for the same is that they are tooth coloured. Thus, they give a natural appearance. Anyone who doesn’t know would hardly recognize any difference between your natural teeth and the part where the composite filling has been used.
  • Insulation: extreme and sudden changes in temperature can disturb the tooth especially after such filing procedures have been done. Thus, to protect the bundle of nerves below the root, composite fillings are insulated.

While the procedure is nothing but a boon, there are some cautions among its various advantages. The following is a list of the Drawbacks of composite filling:

  • Risk of Staining: The colour of these fillings is susceptible to be altered due to various foods and beverages. But experts like Potomac Crown Dentistry ensure that the colour stays the same by adding a plastic coating.
  • Short life-span: compositive fillings usually have a shorter life-span than traditional silver fillings. But owing to the multiple advantages, it is still a viable option.
  • Increased sensitivity: One may feel increased sensitivity after the procedure. But qualified dentists at Potomac Crown Dentistry ensure that the risk of the same is avoided.

Thus, composite fillings are a very good option in today’s times. While there are various drawbacks, seeking the help of professionals like Potomac Crown Dentistry can assure that the same is avoided.