Beginner’s Guide: Essential Tips on How to Choose a Mouthguard for Your Child

Beginner’s Guide: Essential Tips on How to Choose a Mouthguard for Your Child

Aug 01, 2021

Mouthguards are a vital part of a kid’s dental health. This is because kids are active, and there is always the risk of injury. While adults primarily use mouthguards for medical reasons such as bruxism, kids use them mostly for contact sports. This is why you need to get a mouthguard for your kid at our dentist near Rockville, MD.

Nearly 30 million kids in America are participating in sports. In most cases, these sports are associated with facial injuries because of falls, contact with hard surfaces, and collisions.

About Mouthguards

Primarily, sports mouthguards are used to protect the gums and teeth from injury. They give a layer of cushion for your gums, lips, and teeth should they come in contact with anything. When your kid gets a customized mouthguard from our North Potomac dentist, you will not only be protecting their dental health but also reducing the risk of concussions.

However, you may know that mouthguards are vital, but you could have difficulty choosing the one that will work best for your kid. In the market, you will find mouthguards that fall into any of these three categories:

  • Off-the-Shelf Mouthguard

These mouthguards can be found in your local sporting goods store. They come in a limited range of sizes, and their quality will vary. This is the least expensive option, and you will give your kid the least level of protection.

  • Boil and Bite Mouthguard

With these mouthguards, you immerse them in hot water; then you wear them. They will be formed using your finger, tongue, and bite pressure. If they fit as they should, they offer better protection than off-the-shelf mouthguards. However, they still fall short in terms of providing complete coverage of your teeth.

  • Custom Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards are made specifically for your kid. This is the type of mouthguard you will find at our kid’s dentist near you. A model of your kid’s teeth will be made, and then the mouthguard will be made around it to make it a perfect fit. It offers the maximum amount of protection, is comfortable, and is made from high-quality material.

How to Choose a Mouthguard for Your Kids?

No parent would want to see their kids get hurt, yet they could do something about it. It may seem as though picking the right mouthguard for your child can be a challenging task, yet it’s not. Here are some pointers that will help you sift through the countless options in the market:

  • Mouthguards Should be Made From Safe Materials

Mouthguards are made from various materials, including natural rubber, vinyl resins, and acrylic resins. You need to know which material is safe for your kid. Therefore, you need to buy them from trusted sellers and made by trusted companies since they have specific standards.

  • Mouthguards Should Be Comfortable

Mouthguards shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all affair. Therefore, you need to visit our kids’ dentist near you to get a mouthguard that will be a perfect fit for your child. Although it is normal for kids to feel uncomfortable at first, this shouldn’t be the norm.

  • Mouthguards Should Be Easy to Clean

Even though mouthguards are for protecting your child’s teeth from damage, they need to stay clean. This is because they remain in a humid environment, which means bacteria and fungi can grow. So, you need a mouthguard that you can clean with ease.

  • Mouthguards Should Be Tear-Resistant

You need to get your child a mouthguard that is tear-resistant. This is a vital aspect if your child is involved in contact sports. Check the materials used to know the sturdy ones.

  • Mouthguards Shouldn’t Hinder Speech and Breathing

Your kid should be able to communicate with other people without any hindrance. They shouldn’t have to remove the mouthguard to communicate with other players. Also, we cannot forget that when your kid is playing, they need to breathe through their mouth now and then.

The body requires a lot of oxygen when working out, so this might mean breathing through the mouth. So, get a mouthguard that doesn’t hinder breathing.

When you know what you are looking for in a mouthguard, it becomes easier to narrow your options. Contact our dentist near Rockville, MD, at Potomac Crown Dentistry to schedule an appointment.