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Advanced Technology in Root Canal Treatments

Advanced Technology in Root Canal Treatments

Nov 16, 2018

Have you been told you need root canal treatment? Are you afraid you’ll get the same treatment that caused some of the horror stories you’ve heard about over the years? Not so with some of the advanced technology being offered today.

But before we talk about those, let’s take a look at why you may need root canal treatment in the first place.

Establishing the Need

Simply put, if the tissues in the root of your tooth become infected because of decay, root canal treatment is needed to treat the infection and save the tooth. If left untreated, root canal infection can spread into the bone immediately around the root and cause further problems such as the need for total removal of the tooth.

The Newest Technologies for Root Canal Treatment in North Potomac, MD

Dentists are now using 3D Computed Tomography or Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) which is a wonderful new way of exploring what happens inside the tooth before the dentist even enters your tooth during the procedure.

How It Works

Your tooth is scanned so the dentist can see inside the tooth to establish how many canals are present. The dentist can see the shape and the size of the canals as well as measure them. Your root canal dentist can also see if any of the nerve canals join together, if they branch out, or if there are any small accessory canals. All of this information is important to know prior to your actual root canal procedure.

But Wait, There’s More!

Another new technology is the Electronic Apex Locator which is a device that measures the root length without x-rays or without any imaging. Because it can measure the tooth and the adjacent structures, your dentist can obtain a reading that will then be used to measure the exact length of tooth’s root – very important information to know prior to the procedure.

There’s Nothing to Fear with Advanced Technology

If you’re looking for a dentist to perform a root canal in Rockville or a root canal in Gaithersburg near you, why not make an appointment with Potomac Crown Dentistry to answer any additional questions you may have?