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6 Tips To Follow After Root Canal Treatment

6 Tips To Follow After Root Canal Treatment

Dec 01, 2018

Having a root canal can happen in one or maybe several visits to the Root Canal Treatment at North Potomac, MD, 20878. You will first be given a local anesthetic so the infected area will be numbed. Your Dentist at Root Canal Treatment will place a rubber dam around the area so any bacteria can be kept away. A hole is then made in your tooth so the root canal itself can be accessed.

Once the damaged area is reached, the nerve can be cleared out by your dentist at Root Canal Treatment, and a thorough cleaning will be done of the canal. The canal will be filled and sealed off, then an opening created that will reach down to the root canal, and it will be covered with a filling.

After the procedure for the root canal is complete, you MUST follow the instructions your dentist gives you. There are six tips to follow after the root canal.

  • Take every pill from your prescriptions as the doctor directed.
    You have already experienced the pain of an infected tooth. It is of absolute necessity to take any prescribed antibiotics as your dentist ordered to keep any further infection from occurring or reoccurring.
  • Pay close attention to your pain levels.
    You will feel discomfort after you have a root canal and it can usually be treated with over the counter pain relievers like Aleve or Advil. Bear in mind however that many people have pain for a short period. If you have pain for a prolonged period, contact your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Keep the area around the root canal clean.
    Be sure that where you had the root canal is kept very clean. It can be done by continuing to floss and brush regularly and rinsing your mouth gently.
  • Do not put any pressure on your infected tooth.
    Your tooth for sure will be tender for some time and may make you want to put pressure on it by clenching or grinding your jaw. Do not give in to it. You might want to buy a night guard for this purpose to keep your teeth apart during this time. Try NOT to chew on the inside of mouth on the side of your root canal.
  • You need to avoid certain foods.
    Avoid any food that is chewy, crunchy, or hard immediately following the root canal. Your tooth might feel temporarily sensitive to very cold or very hot foods or drinks as it is healing, so room-temperature or mild foods like soft sandwiches will be your best for consumption.
  • Think about getting a crown placed on that tooth.
    The tooth that you just had the root canal procedure done will remain more undamaged if you have a crown placed on it. Having a crown placed will also prevent any further complications with this tooth and promote better functionality.

If you have any more questions or feel concerned before or after your root canal, contact us at the Root Canal Treatment, North Potomac, MD or the Root Canal in Rockville. Be sure and know that you might feel some initial pain and have some discomfort after the procedure, it will subside in a few days. Following the tips above and the instructions given by your dentist, you should be back to yourself in no time.