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5 Signs That You Should Visit a Dentist

5 Signs That You Should Visit a Dentist

Oct 05, 2017

At our North Potomac dental office, we often have patients that have neglected to visit us until it has become a more serious matter. When it comes to optimal oral health, it is important to practice proper dental care and routinely see your North Potomac dentist. Wondering what the signs are that you should visit a dentist? Here are 5!

Chronic Toothache

When it comes to tooth pain, the reason can range from something mild like tooth sensitivity to something more serious such as an infected tooth pulp. Regardless of the reason for your tooth pain, it is important to see a professional dentist that can diagnose and treat the underlying issue. Those that neglect tooth pain often end up having more costly and invasive treatments down the road. Can’t get rid of your toothache? It may be time to call your North Potomac dentist.

Chronic Bad Breath

Let’s be honest: no one likes bad breath. It can be even worse when your bad breath is chronic. Visiting your dentist can help you determine what the cause of your bad breath is, whether it be tooth decay, gum disease or some other illness. Starting treatment earlier rather than later could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Tired of your bad breath? Get in touch with your North Potomac dentist for treatment today.

Inflamed, Swollen or Bleeding Gums

Although swollen gums are a common issue patients face, there can be a number of causes. Periodontal disease is a common reason for inflamed, swollen and bleeding gums and unfortunately is not curable. However, in its early stages, gingivitis it is completely reversible. Scheduling an appointment with your dentist could be the difference between lifelong periodontal maintenance or a couple of visits. Notice your gums have been bleeding or irritated? Contact your North Potomac dentist to schedule an appointment.

Tartar Build Up

Do you feel rough deposits on your teeth? This is known as tartar or calculus and is the result of built-up plaque. Left untreated, this buildup can result in decay, infection and even periodontal disease. We recommend professional dental cleanings twice a year, how long has it been since you visited your dentist? If it has been longer than 6 months, we recommend contacting your dentist in North Potomac today!

Jaw Discomfort

When it comes to jaw pain, there can be a number of causes ranging from mild to more severe. Those with TMJ or bruxism experience chronic jaw pain due to their condition which may not be very serious. Complications such as impacted wisdom teeth or an abscessed tooth, however, are a bit more of an emergency. Wondering why your jaw is hurting? You should contact your dentist in North Potomac right away to schedule an appointment, left untreated an infection can become a much more serious matter.