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3 Benefits Of Dental Implants And Crowns

3 Benefits Of Dental Implants And Crowns

Mar 08, 2019

Many people ignore replacing the lost tooth but it’s not good for their dental health. Tooth loss is not just associated with aesthetic appeal but also with the health of your mouth and facial structure. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about the missing tooth as you can get it replaced with the help of a dentist near you.

Here’s a look at what makes them one of the best options:

The Benefits of Dental Implants and Crowns

  • Your New Tooth Looks Natural

Dentist in North Potomac, 20878 says one of the biggest concerns for people looking for tooth replacement options is finding something that looks natural. After the implant is placed in the jaw and it bond with the bone tissue, an abutment is added for holding the custom-made crown in place. Restoration is designed on the basis of detailed images and impressions taken by the dentist in MD 20878 . The restoration is made of ceramic to match your tooth so that it blends well with your smile.

  • They Could Last Several Years

Implants don’t use crowns or natural suction for holding them in place. The crowns are instead inserted in the jawbone via surgical procedure. Over the time, titanium bonds with jawbone. This makes sure that your new tooth can last for several years and decades. On the other hand, removable dentures may need replacement every 10 – 15 years while people with implants can enjoy for a longer duration.

  • They Help Prevent Further Tooth Loss

When you lose a tooth, the body no longer supplies key nutrients to the jawbone around the missing tooth. The jawbone begins to deteriorate when it’s deprived of calcium and phosphorus. This can lead to tooth loss and aged appearance in the long run. But the body recognized implants as natural roots and stimulates growth of jawbone tissue thus preserving the facial structure and protecting you from further tooth loss.

Do You Have a Missing Tooth?

If you have a missing tooth, fret not as dental implants are at your rescue. The dentist can help in restoring your smile.